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Friday, 12 October 2012


Things seem to be in flux at the moment. It seems like almost everyone's life is going through a period of change or even upheaval. Some minor, some life changing. A spiritual friend of mine sees a guiding hand in it to challenge people to grow.

Me, I think maybe I see some parts of society discontented with the meaningless existence and trying to find a way to add some meaning to their days.

Whatever the reason it seems like less glamour and more substance is the order of the day.

So what does that mean in real terms?

More Making!

More making, baking, cooking, crocheting, knitting, sewing. More playing in the garden, getting together with friends and their families at their houses. More fun, contentment, joy. More making do and more making the best of what you have.

All in all I think this can only be for the good.


  1. I agree! More real! Thankyou for the post, reminding us of what is really important! x

    1. You've summed it up nicely! And that's what I love about your blog, all very real, nothing fake or phoney x

  2. I like this post. All the things you mention include making memories that sustain us.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes definitely making memories. I made muffins the other night with my mini men. One of them cracked an egg all over himself. Funny as anything! Never would have happened if we'd bought some at the shop.