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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yarn Bombing

I'd heard about yarn bombing. I am after all sad dedicated enough to have a google news roundup on the topic of crochet sent to me every day.

There are some truly gorgeous works out there but I came across my first actual real life piece of crochet graffiti just outside a tourist information booth near to Frankston Beach (Melbourne).

Of course I had to take pictures of it although this garnered me some suspicious looks and people giving me wide berths. I can't blame them.

Yarn Bomb at Frankston

It wasn't huge, or even particularly dramatic but someone had felt the need to soften that steel handrail.

Of course my first thought was CROCHET!!!!. But my next more rational was of a cat suited hooker slinking in at night to silently crochet this into place.

Ok so it wasn't rational, but I did and am still wondering if they come and measure first, how they attach it, what a policeman would say if he caught the red handed? The mind boggles!

I'm now actively searching for yarn bombing but until I find some more then I will leave you with pictures of some of the most awe inspiring examples I've found on the web.


From Leslie Molen's blog, From these hands
For more pics and the source of this picture ....


These great sun dresses were from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tofz4u/3570110069/ .

And finally these last two that came from here.

A very cosy tree.

Somehow makes me think of Dr Who

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