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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Get People To Make Their Own Present

One of my favourite Christmas prezzies this year might have seemed a little strange to some people. Fortunately my friend knew me we'll enough to know I'd get it.

She bought me a bag. Disappointed? OK so it wasn't actually a bag. But it was the materials to make a bag! Far more interesting.

What the package actually contained was:

  • A ball of wool
  • An 8 mm crochet hook
  • Handles for the bag
  • A pattern.


The wool was unusual and was actually more like t-shirt material ripped into strips. Or to put it another way, a 500 g ball of Moda Vera, 100% polyester. The colour was an almost beige brown colour called Gypsy. The remains of the ball are shown below.

The work up on the bag is incredibly quick, the main body is single crochet giving a tight neat finish. The decoration comes at the top and is I suspect the reason my friend chose this pattern. It's a complete contrast to the body and is formed of broomstick lace which I enjoyed learning to do a year or so ago. It's a great technique that gives a very distinctive pattern.

The bit that I thought might be difficult was attaching the handles but that turned out to be really quick and easy and not scary at all. I will be far more likely to work something like this in again in the future.

The whole bag was complete in a couple of days, putting only a couple or so hours work in each day. Best of all when we went to the cinema for a showing of Les Miserables (wonderful film) a couple of days later, I had the perfect accessory ready to go.

Finally, seriously consider giving a crafty friend something they can make as a gift. It doesn't have to cost much, its very personal and they'll love it.